Where is the New Deblur Feature in Photoshop CS6 ?

Photoshop DeBlur Still from Adobe Max 2011
Photoshop DeBlur Still from Adobe Max 2011

UPDATE: Adobe has published a Sneak Peek video showing this feature as ‘Camera Shake Reduction’ .

See more about this Photoshop CS7 (?) Photoshop CC Next new Deblurring feature here:

Camera Shake Reduction – Photoshop CS7 Sneak Peek


What happened to the ‘Deblur’ feature in Photoshop CS6? Where is it?

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Widely shown in videos across the web, this is a ‘wow’ feature that everyone expected to be in Photoshop CS6. People are still hoping/expecting to find this set of tools.

Now that the Photoshop CS6 Public Beta has been released, where is the deblur tool?

According to Adobe:   DeBlur Sneak PeekAdobe blog  this was an unexpectedly popular sneak peek of the technology that is being explored by Adobe for future versions of Photoshop.

Basically, it looks like Adobe was taken aback by the response to the original video:  Photoshop DeBlur Adobe Max 2011 videopeterelst  and they didn’t have this nearly feature ready enough for inclusion in CS6.


In short, it’s all much ado about something not yet ready for prime time, alas. Can anyone say CS7 ? CS8 ? But decidedly not in CS6.



Some alternative DeBlur software are noted in this PhotographyUNcapped post:


The features listed for this version of Photoshop do not include any such de-blur, or focusing feature, as detailed below in these posts.


There will be a Live Webcast Launch Event for free.


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Photoshop CS6 + The Master Collection Creative Suite 6 are now officially announced, and are available for pre-orders.


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8 thoughts on “Where is the New Deblur Feature in Photoshop CS6 ?

  1. That was fake pic in the show, real sharp pic blurred and Adobe lie to reverse. Evereybody sucks that. No deblurring plugin have in Adobe hand.

    1. While disappointing to users, Adobe never put this on a ‘feature list’. They only said that they were working on it.

      The problem was, that it was said in a context that made people think it would be in the then next version, CS6, when it was actually out in the future. Alas.

      We could all use a little blur removal improvement. 😉

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