You Will Be Dismissed Because of Your Photo – Now or In Your Future

Why is Nursing Student Doyle Byrnes Smiling? photo from the Kansas City Star

Ever dissect a frog in school? Ever take a picture of yourself at a school doing, well anything? If so, you will be dismissed, expelled, and otherwise defamed by your beloved school if this particular event stands.

This nursing student, Doyle Byrnes, enrolled at Johnson County Community College, Kansas, did just that. She and a few other students took pix of themselves doing labwork. The lessons that day included examination of a specimen, as many such classes would. The issue for the school is, apparently, that the students’ behavior, by taking, and posting the pic on Facebook (for a few hours), exhibited  “lack of professional behavior”.

The student was thrown out of school months before her graduation, as reported by the Kansas City Star.

Doyle Byrnes has filed for an injunction against the school. The case will go before a federal judge this shortly.

“Your demeanor and lack of professional behavior surrounding this event was considered a disruption to the learning environment and did not exemplify the professional behavior that we expect in the nursing program,” Jeanne Walsh, director of nursing at the college, wrote in a letter to Byrnes that is included as an exhibit with the complaint.

So, once again, a photo is what makes something unacceptable. In other words, you can work on such a specimen, cut it, examine it, dissect it, document it, take notes about it, etc. just don’t take a pic of yourself with it.

‘What’s all the hubub?’ you ask. Well, the specimen was not a frog, but, gasp, a human placenta; you know, the afterbirth of any live-bearing creature’s birth.

For those who don’t know, any placenta is not a fetus, not a living creature, and is always discharged by the female body (as a kind of waste product) shortly after giving birth, and is generally discarded immediately by hospitals, clinics, etc. From Wikipedia: “In the Western world, the placenta is most often incinerated.”

I leave you to read the pathetic details of this on your own, but just remember, the Photo Police are looking at your postings now.

As someone who lives in Arizona, arguably the ethical armpit of the US, I find it pleasing that at least Kansas is running a close second for the Worst Performance by a Narrow-Minded State award.

sourced from the Kansas City Star

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  1. That’ll be an interesting lawsuit to follow.
    Facebook users beware!!!!!!!!!!
    Great article, thanks for the heads-up

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