Where Are the Adobe CS6 Free 30 day Trial Downloads?

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Free Adobe 30 Day Free Trial Download

Individual applications are available for Trial, but the ‘suite’ versions no longer exist.

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All versions of the Free CS6 Trial Downloads are now posted at Adobe.


As of this writing, the Free Trial downloads are just beginning to appear on Adobe’s download areas. For example Photoshop CS6 Trial

Now that Adobe has officially launched CS6, what happened to the free trial downloads? The official Adobe CS6 Creative Suite 6 announcement means that pre- orders are being taken for Photoshop CS6, the Master Collection 6, etc.

If Adobe follows their previous practice from earlier versions, they won’t post the free trial versions for download until the paying customers have begun receiving their paid copies.

This makes sense if you think about it. People who order CS6 now would be left behind by those people downloading the freebie trials. So, everyone wanting to test the Creative Suite waters, before laying out the cash, will have to wait until the shipping versions reach customers.

Pre-order Adobe CS6 Photoshop Master Collection

Updated: It’s all shipping and available for purchase or download, including free trials.

Updated: People who have pre-ordered CS6 are reporting that their credit cards are showing an estimated date that the cards will be charged of May 7, 2012. …Shipping date…???

Additionally, Adobe used to stop previous versions of the trials from ‘confusing’ users. It probably means that CS5/CS5.5 versions won’t be available anymore.

As of this moment of writing, the CS5 CS5.5 versions are still available. This may change at any time.


Author: P U