What is new in Adobe Creative Suite CS5.5 Master Collection 5.5 ?

Adobe Master Collection CS 5.5 What is New ?

What is new in Adobe CS5.5 Master Collection?

Some areas of the Master Collection Suite 5.5 have been updated, others not.

from Adobe:

Top reasons to upgrade to Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Master Collection

Enhanced Multiscreen Preview panel—View website designs as they would appear across desktops,

smartphones, tablets, and televisions within the enhanced panel in Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5 and

experience better handling of custom media queries and multiple CSS files.

Robust jQuery Mobile support—Build rich content for a variety of devices with support for the

jQuery Mobile framework in Dreamweaver CS5.5. Take advantage of mobile templates, contextual

code hinting, and the ability to quickly insert objects into a design.

Expanded platform and device support—Create content in Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5,

optimized for delivery across more devices thanks to support for Flash Player 10.2 and Adobe

AIR® 2.6 and new platforms, including Android,™ Apple iOS, RIM, webOS, and Adobe Digital Home.

More efficient video workflow—Trim and edit with more efficiency and precision in Adobe

Premiere Pro CS5.5. Use widely accepted NLE shortcuts, and easily sync separately recorded field

audio with your video, thanks to new dual-system sound support.

Advanced audio-for-video editing in Adobe Audition CS5.5—Record, edit, mix, master, and

sweeten audio with Adobe Audition CS5.5—now available for Mac OS and Windows®. Roundtrip edit

with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5, or use OMF and XML to speed up project exchange with Avid Pro Tools

and other NLEs.

Warp Stabilizer effect in Adobe After Effects CS5.5—Smooth a bumpy camera move, or lock

a shot automatically. Warp Stabilizer removes jitter and compensates for motion-related irregularities.

Folio Producer tools in Adobe InDesign—Create engaging digital magazines, newspapers, annual

reports, manuals, and other documents that incorporate eye-catching elements such as 360° rotation

and panoramas, all for playback on tablet devices, such as Apple iPad, RIM BlackBerry PlayBook, and

a wide variety of Android tablets, including the Motorola Xoom. Upload them to the Adobe Digital

Publishing Suite* hosted solution for further production and distribution.

Enhanced eBook authoringin InDesign—Create more engaging eBooks with less need for

developers. Enjoy a smoother workflow as you include refined typography and images that resize

automatically to fit virtually any screen. You can even add video and audio for eBook reader applications

that support HTML5 video and audio tags.

Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 Premium—Leverage a single development platform to deliver expressive,

easy-to-use applications on most popular mobile and web platforms and a multitude of devices.

Collaborate intelligently with designers on shared projects thanks to a new bidirectional workflow

with Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5.5.

Adobe 5.5 Master Collection CS5.5

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