What are Adobe Photoshop CS5.5 Subscriptions? How do Photoshop Subscriptions Work?

Adobe Photoshop SC5.5 Subscription

What is Adobe Photoshop CS 5.5 subscriptions? How much will Photoshop CS 5.5 cost? What is the price of Photoshop 5.5 subscriptions?

The most significant new feature of Adobe Photoshop CS 5.5 and Photoshop Extended CS 5.5 is the new subscription pricing.

Adobe is making it possible for people wanting to use the latest version of Photoshop to subscribe on a yearly, or month-to-month basis, rather than having to buy the full version. This will enable people to keep up with the latest Adobe Photoshop software without having to purchase, and be tied into, the expensive full version.

Adobe Subscription CS 5.5  One year plan

Offers a lower monthly payment, but requires that you remain a subscriber for at least a year. After the first year, you retain the low pricing, but can cancel at any time.

Adobe Subscription CS 5.5 Month-to-month plan

Provides the flexibility of a short-term commitment that allows you to stop and restart the subscription as your business needs change, but are somewhat more expensive each month

Regardless of the plan, your credit card is charged every month

Adobe Subscription is a great option to consider if you want to:

  • Get current without the upfront cost of full pricing
  • Have ongoing access to the latest version at no extra charge
  • Move up to a suite from an individual product
  • Need to accommodate temporary staffing and peaks and valleys in business

Subscriptions: Basic Facts for all Adobe Subscriptions:

  • Exclusively sold on Adobe.com
  • Electronic download, or electronic download with backup media at an extra cost-no physical box
  • Licensing, education, and government not available at 5.5
  • CS5.5 is available for pre-order
  • Available in 39 countries where there is an Adobe.com store
  • 17 languages
  • Purchase and installation behave exactly like perpetual product
  • Subscriptions auto renew by default

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Benefits for one-year Adobe subscribers

  1. Low upfront cost and affordability
  2. Always up-to-date
  3. Ability to write off software costs as an operating expense, rather than as a capital expense. In other words no need to depreciate, possibly deduct the entire expense

Benefits for month-to-month Adobe CS5.5 subscribers

  1. low upfront cost and affordability
  2. flexibility: adjust for temporary staff and/or peaks and valleys in your business cycle
  3. always up-to-date

Benefits to Adobe users in general

  • Owners of CS1, CS2, or CS3
    • the ability to get current and stay current with the creative suite subscription at an affordable monthly cost
  • Individual product owners:
    • move up to a full creative suite for an affordable monthly cost
  • New to Adobe:
    • a low-cost way to getting started with the creative suite
  • Always have the latest creative suite software at hand for an affordable monthly cost

As always, Adobe allows installation on one primary computer, and one secondary computer.

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