The Top 10 New Features That WILL NOT Be in Photoshop CS6 and NOT in the Creative Suite CS 6

Photoshop CS6 New Features - NOT!
Photoshop CS6 New Features - NOT!

These new features WILL NOT be included in the new version of Adobe Photoshop CS6.

There are many rumors purporting to reveal, divulge, sneak peek, announce, or leak, features that are predicted to be in the next release of Photoshop CS Next (version 13), likely to be called Photoshop CS6. Interface faceoffs, dark this and that, 3d something or other, auto this, save that, deblurring, sharpening, mash up and remix down, Lightroom lookalikes, brush offs, blah, blah, blah. Rumors? Lies? Damned lies? or, merely wishful thinking?

In an exclusive expose´, is able to reveal the Top Ten features that WILL NOT be in Photoshop CS6 nor in the Adobe Creative Suite 6 CS6.

  1. Phone Photo Appliance
    • There will not be a New Feature in Photoshop CS6 to turn crappy cell phone pictures into pro quality images
  2. Clothes Removal Tool
    • No CS6 ‘Adjustment Layer’ with New Auto Remove button for turning mail-order lingerie catalog photos into lecherous show-all expose’s
  3. Fix It in Post Film and Video Feature
    • There won’t be a video and film tool to correct for the lighting/makeup/staging/camerawork that didn’t get done on the actual set
  4. Online Banking Remit Adjustment
    • You won’t be able ‘photo shop back’ a squandered online bank deposit, to reverse a pathetic spending spree performed while trying to impress someone in the graphics industry
  5. Creativity Custom Content Fill
    • No Custom Content Fill Magic Wand to wave over lame work, leaving behind a thoughtfully conceived, and carefully crafted fully satisfying result
  6. Self Image Correction Tool
    • No way to use the new Self-Image>Adjustment>Invert to correct any seriously flawed non-linear Personal History States
  7. GPS Integrated Metadata
    • You won’t see a new tool to modify an image’s GPS tagging metadata to spoof that you were in the really cool latest hip club, not merely the stale beery dive your dad’s buddies still go to
  8. Evidence Tracking Presets
    • Photoshop CS 6 will not allow you to append your un-thought-out, half-baked alibi with new downloadable Presets
  9. Re-Animation Tool
    • There won’t be an Smart Object Re-Animation Layer to add feeling and function to those scary botox-frozen portraits
  10. Advanced Career Extension Swap
    • There still isn’t a way to jump start stalled job prospects with Edit>Scripts>Auto-Enhance CV

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7 thoughts on “The Top 10 New Features That WILL NOT Be in Photoshop CS6 and NOT in the Creative Suite CS 6

  1. The entire photography community should rise up an object to this proposal. It is just a blatent money grab by Adobe. I will be darned if I will shell out a big pile of money every time Adobe comes out with a new Version. Many of us just can not afford to do that!

    If this is going to be their policy I say good bye Adobe.

    1. I can see your anger, but I think that ‘rape’ is strong for something you would have to buy into.
      I will say that the people who work on Photoshop are subject to economic decisions as are we users. Photoshop moves on and up in features and performance; I hope the users can too.

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