The Pain and Love of Photography – Beware: Black Hole Ahead

A Personal Black Hole of Photography - Ken Storch © 2012 - 2102

A few thoughts, and articles, on the pains, sacrifices and pleasures of Photography.

I’ve often referred to Photography as my own personal black hole; that is, a body in space that will suck up all the mass and energy in it’s surroundings, continuously, without end.

This black hole of Photography will absorb all the time, money, effort, joy, and heartache that I put into it.

And, it always still wants the same amount:  MORE!

Just this past week I ran across 2 articles, within a day of each other, referring to personal responses to photography. They aren’t in any way ‘definitive’ and I don’t quite agree with everything in them, but they are still good ‘reads’.

The Pain of Photography – Thom Hogan – … a few of the tribulations photographers encounter

Rant: I Love Photography – Allen Murabayashi – republication on Wired

I have always pictured my very own photo-black-hole as being somewhat behind me to the lower right ( no idea why I see it there! ) but, for the title of this post, it seemed to look better as “Beware: Black Hole Ahead”. Again, I don’t know why; and I suspect it doesn’t matter ; > )

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Author: P U

5 thoughts on “The Pain and Love of Photography – Beware: Black Hole Ahead

  1. The article, “Rant: I Love Photography” was amusing and inspiring. For every negative in photography, there is always a positive. (That came out rather nicely) Also, good analogy of photography as black hole.

  2. There is no doubt photograhy can suck all your financial resources and energy into its vortex if you get close enough. But there is a theory about black holes that I subscribe to and that is that they are at the heart of the beginning of life and creation. And if this is not scientifically correct it sounds good.

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