Still Snow Photographs in a Short and Lovely Video

Still Photograph - from the video "Snow" by Cindy Millikin
Still Photograph - from the video "Snow" by Cindy Millikin

A small group of snow photographs, set to music, in a short and lovely video by Cindy Millikin.

Cindy has been a friend, and off and on student of mine, for many years now. She recently sent me this short video of some of her photos taken on the West Fork Trail in Sedona, Arizona on December 12, 2009.

I find it pleasing and wanted to share it with any who might like it.

If the above video won’t show for you, here is the direct link -“Snow

It is a challenge, I think, for photographers who are shooting naturally occurring complexity, to decide how to compose; where to put the frame edges. I like what Cindy did with these. It reminds me of a ‘small format’ version of what Eliot Porter worked on throughout his life.

Cindy sent me the following tech info:
“All photographs in the “Snow” video were taken on Saturday, December 12, 2009 in Oak Creek Canyon, AZ using a Canon PowerShot G10 Digital Camera (14.7 megapixels).”

Exposure 4f to 4.25f, with 1/100-to 1/500 speed
No flash
ISO 80

“The software used to make the video is Keynote for Mac, which can be converted to Quicktime. It can also be uploaded directly from Keynote to U Tube. I also used Photoshop for image editing, though I didn’t need to do too much.”

About the music she wrote:
“Everything was silent on that day, and the landscape had a surreal quality. I attempted to capture the mood with the choice of images combined with the slow meter of the “Frost Waltz” by Keven MacLeod, and the gradual fading in and out transitions.”

PhotographyUncapped hopes you like it. Enjoy.

Guess what’s next?

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5 thoughts on “Still Snow Photographs in a Short and Lovely Video

  1. absolutely beautiful and atmospheric……….snow is so hard to shoot, you made it look easy and so lovely, I felt as tho I was there, such a sense of peace and calm, thank you for the exceptional work………………….

  2. Thank you, Ken, for sharing my video, and thank you, Lee, for your lovely and encouraging comments. The quiet of the snow, the cold biting air, and being surrounded by the breathtaking and familiar scenery (that I had not previously experienced in winter) gave me a sense of exuberance and power that was quite extraordinary. When I looked at the pictures taken from my camera, I knew instantly and exactly how I wanted to portray them. I rarely feel so certain. Luckily I had already found Kevin MacLeod’s haunting “Frost Waltz” which worked perfectly to create the peaceful and surreal mood. For anyone looking for royalty free music, visit Kevin’s site

  3. Hi Ken,

    Beautiful, snow does not fall here in Brazil and these photographs make me believe that it is falling outside the door.

    PS: The video transitions emulating the snow is a nice choice.

    Sorry if my english is not so clear.

    Merry Christmas.

    1. Hi Marcelo,

      Good to hear from you again.

      Yes, the snow is beautiful. It does not snow at the altitude where I live, but it does in the mountains some hours away.

      Your English is fine, better than some of my students! ;>}


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