Photoshop CS5 Refine Edge Select Hair Video on Edge Detection and Compositing

Refine Edge Select Hair Video in Photoshop CS5 from Terry White - detail

Terry White, Adobe Evangelist, just posted a 5min. video showing the basic steps of selecting hair using the new Photoshop CS5 version of Refine Edge tools. He shows Decontaminate Colors, Shift Edge, and refers to Refine Mask in this short video.

It is worth a view, and as usual, PhotographyUncapped recommends using ‘Full-screen’ for best viewing.

John Nack posted a comment about Refine Edge on his blog: “I know it’s easy to knock Photoshop (or any mature tool) by saying, “You guys always just go add new stuff & never fix/improve what’s already there.” In the case of Refine Edge & many other spots within CS5, however, you’ll see that instead of adding something new, we’ve gone back and significantly overhauled what already existed. I think you’ll like the results.”

Watch, listen, learn. Enjoy.

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