Photography in rainy weather – Field Reports on Keeping a Camera Dry

Lightning Strikes Cloud to Cloud
Lightning Strikes Cloud to Cloud

A guest camera will be blogging this site from a rainy place. Wearing camera rain protection and keeping things dry is the added challenge onto making excellent photos. As an expensive (and worth every dollar!) DSLR, I’m going to be carrying several items to keep myself, and my lenses,  as dry as possible in the expected changeable weather.

  • Rain poncho ( I found a small, lightweight one after much looking)

– This is for overall protection from downpours, and while tramping about

  • Small umbrella

– More to shoot from under it than anything else

  • Silica Gel desiccant packs

– To absorb moisture from internal parts

  • OP Tech Rainsleeve for camera protection

-For camera/lens coverage

I’ll have my associate writer review the above items when I have experienced each’s performance in the fi Since I’m just about to open the Op Techj Rainsleeve packaging for the 1st time, I’m including pix of it in tacto.

Op Tech Rain Rainsleeve
Op Tech Rain Rainsleeve

On first glance, the Op Tech Rainsleeve looks long for many lenses, being the 18″ size, but I found no other sizes available. (No worries; we all like to think that our focal length is longer than it really is, eh?)


The Op Tech Rainsleeve packaging offers instructions and options for set up on the back.

I’m thinking of ways to shorten the lens end of it, and will report from the field as weather and connectivity allow.

Rain can ruin electronics, scramble memory, and blur optics — — More to follow…

So, for the nonce, remember to keep shooting regardless of weather, and keep your camera, and, cards dry!

Guest blog by onthewind

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2 thoughts on “Photography in rainy weather – Field Reports on Keeping a Camera Dry

  1. Yes, rain can ruin electronics, scramble memory and blur optics….but what a great opportunity for that one in a lifetime shot….I suddenly flashed on that Cartier-Bresson of the guy jumping over the puddle, or the Paul Strand with all the umbrellas in New York City……….

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