Photographer Shoots Photographer While Shooting Photographers!


Don’t move . This is a holdup!


Photographer Shoots Photographer While Shooting Photographers!

Oh, how I love to catch people in the act of photographing. And what could be better than photographing a photographer caught in the act of photographing other photographs caught in the act?  Does that make this the photographic version of a ‘circle shot’ ?

There’s not a lot I really do with these pix, but it’s yet another category of images I take, without any intent, other than the mere giggle factor of mild enjoyment.


People take pictures in museums without barely looking at the art itself, merely their little virtual screen versions of the actual experience. One time, I watched wave after wave of people stopping to take low res cell phone pix of Van Gogh’s famous Starry Night painting without even once actually looking at the piece at all.


It was so dark here, that I could barely see to focus, and the teenie digital camera LCD monitors were brighter than everything else around.


I’m ending here (it’s 3:20am local) with one of my favorite recent shots of people taking pictures. They were oblivious to the fabulous radiantly glowing San Francisco golden skyline behind them, because they were focused on him ‘holding up the Golden Gate Bridge’ behind me! They look like a fertile crescent frieze in stone with their figures in stylized poses for all time.


Ken Storch

Author: P U

9 thoughts on “Photographer Shoots Photographer While Shooting Photographers!

  1. Hey, I was wondering about the law regarding shooting people in public, and then posting photos. Sometimes I am a bit reserved about taking photos of people I don’t know, they seem a bit “testy” about it at times (at least they do in NYC). Just wondering about how that works with privacy issues. Maybe you could do a blog about that issue……….thanks

    1. I’m no lawyer, and laws vary with location.
      My understanding is that expectation of the individual to privacy, and the usage of the photograph count heavily in specific cases.
      While there is likely always a lawyer willing to pursue a weak claim,
      if you shoot a picture which includes someone in a public place, and only use it for your personal work, rather than as a commercial endorsement,
      you probably won’t have a legal issue. Ken Storch is not a lawyer, so the above statement is totally without merit, and should be ignored, and never quoted, and you should never try this at home.

  2. “They don’t get sued.”
    Actually, they do get sued sometimes. But the courts have not fully ruled on the many aspects of these issues. Questions of ‘reasonable expectation of privacy’, ‘intellectual property’, and ‘monetary injury or loss’ are factors that are being considered.

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