“On the Road with Molly”: photo-documentary homage to John Steinbeck – PhotographyUncapped.com has the exclusive rights

“PhotographyUncapped.com” has the exclusive rights to a new photo-documentary:
“On the Road with Molly” a modern post-modern tribute to “Travels with Charley: in Search of America” by John Steinbeck.

Proud and excited to begin the journey
Proud and excited to begin the journey

In 1960 the poodle Charley, took to the road to discover a ‘real’ America.  His adventures were recounted by author John Steinbeck (the wiki here ).  Now 49 years later, Molly, a 14th cousin of Charley on her mother’s side, will retrace the steps of her predecessor.

On the road at last
On the road at last

Not to be outdone, she will have her personal photo-journalist along, and will do her own blogging.

Certain family member
Certain family member

In spite of the historic import of the occasion, certain family members were not impressed.

Guest Blog by Steven Steinberg


Editor’s Note: Repeated attempts to set up a phone interview with Molly were thwarted. Our calls were met with a distant hissing, and something which sounded like, maybe, “TMZ. Hah!” We will keep trying however.  PhotographyUncapped will update our readers as appropriate.


Editor’s Update 4/23/09: Reports have been coming in to our newsroom of ‘Molly’ sightings. People claim to have seen her in Branson, Mo., the Tribeca area of lower Manhattan, the upper Haight of San Francisco, and as far away as Port Antonio, Portland, Jamaica.


Please post your sightings in the Comments area below:

17 thoughts on ““On the Road with Molly”: photo-documentary homage to John Steinbeck – PhotographyUncapped.com has the exclusive rights

    1. I’d be happy to sign your book Jason. I don’t do airports though- too many security restrictions these days. Do you ever use Amtrack?

      1. I don’t know. Amtrak seems so futuristic, so 70’s. I’m more of a Highway 51 kind of traveler. Perhaps a truck stop or a migrant camp might be a better venue.

        1. Woof- that’s a long way from the airport. We can hook up when I’m in your area and you can show me “your America.”
          BTW check your Cliff Notes. I don’t think the Joads had a dog.

    1. I agree, this is a very inspiring piece. I’m ready to get on the road myself. Let’s do it. You want to be Sal or Dean?

      1. oh come on, Dean of course……wait, he’s the Jack character right, Dean Moriarty. That’s the one I want to be…..I don’t want to be left behind in Denver…..is that ok with you?

  1. Molly!

    What a lucky dog you are! Get to travel all over. I will follow your photo-documentary with great interest and envy, and are looking forward to your next update!

    Good luck woff from Snuppa in Norway

    1. I don’t think there’s any problem with Molly. She’s just a valley girl at heart. The cat though… there’s something about that snide look. I think he might be a closet ditto-head.

      1. Always the doubters. I bet you think Elvis is really dead too.
        You’re probably in cahoots with that Certain Family Member?

        1. Not a ‘doubter’. Merely the next generation of online investigative reporters seeking the absolute truth for my advertising affiliates and their customer base.

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