Nikon Factory in Thailand – Flood Recovery Prospects Improving

Canon Sony Nikon DSLR Under Water due to Flooding in Thailand
Nikon DSLR Under Water due to Flooding in Thailand

Prospects for the reopening of DLSR manufacturing plants is improving for Nikon.

The recent historic-level floods in Thailand have closed many international factories in several industrial parks north of Bangkok.

PhotographyUNcapped has reported on this ongoing crisis affecting the photography industry, and certainly, the people, and places inundated in Thailand:

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Nikon Halts DSLR and Lens Manufacture at Thailand Factory

Nikon has released another notice regarding the status of their facilities in Ayutthaya.

4th Notice on the damage from the flood in Thailand – Original Nikon Source

This is to advise you of the latest situations of Nikon (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a consolidated manufacturing subsidiary of Nikon Corporation in the Rojana Industrial Park in Ayutthaya Province located in Central Thailand, which is suffering damages from the flood.

  1. Latest situationsWater pumping-out by the Rojana Industrial Park authority around Nikon (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has completed on November 26. Following this development, we are putting all our energy into restoring infrastructure and production equipment of the factory aiming for some part of factory operation to resume from January 2012. Alternative and limited production at our partner factories in Thailand has started earlier than expected, and we have started shipment of certain digital SLR cameras and interchangeable lenses since November 30.
  2. Estimated impact to our business performanceThe impact of the flood to our business performance for the financial period ending March 31, 2012 is estimated, within the scope of our current findings and understanding, to push down net sales by 65 billion yen and operational income by 25 billion yen due to sales opportunity loss. While this estimation remains unchanged from our announcement on November 4, we assure you to immediately advise new findings once it is judged there will be an important change for it. We are continuing our minute investigation on the damage to the buildings and production equipment/tools from the flood.
  3. RecoveryWe have set up support and recovery system under the Emergency Headquarters for Disaster Control headed by the president and continuing our endeavor for recovery and normalization of production as early as possible. Our plan to resume production of digital SLRs and interchangeable lenses to the normal level of volume by the end of March 2012 remains unchanged.

We deeply apologize you for any inconvenience cause by the disaster such as short supply of our products.

Various DSLR fanboy sites have been speculating wildly on the possible effects for new models of DSLR’s anxiously awaited, and new lens offerings, all which have been delayed by the flood damage.

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Stay tuned to for continuing updates. Cheers.

Ayutthaya Thailand - © 2009, 2011 Ken Storch
Ayutthaya Thailand - © 2009, 2011 Ken Storch

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