Kids! Make your own 3D Photos at Home! and Videos!

Do It Yourself 3D Article in Make Magazine
Do It Yourself 3D Article from Make Magazine

Kids! Now you can make your own old-school 3D photos in your own home! And videos too!

There are lots of approaches to this time-tested, and rather simple 3D fun.

Make Magazine has published a how-to on producing the old red/blue kind of 3D images in their School’s Out special issue. It looks to be a basic rig of two small digicams with appropriate filters on each.

While it’s not new tech, it’s still a fun idea for anyone who likes to play with variations on approaches to taking, and viewing photos.

For the truly DIY tinkerers, there is a NASA how-to Create your own 3D images
and a wikihow on How to Make Your Own 3D Glasses and
Amazon has premade glasses Red-blue / Cyan Anaglyph Simple style 3D Glasses for the extra chic crowd.

Have fun, and remember: objects in 3D may be real’er than they appear!

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