John Nack Adobe Blog on the Future of Photoshop Team – CS6 or CS5.5

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Adobe Blog by John Nack - The Photoshop Team

John Nack has published a post on his Adobe Blog regarding the team of people driving the future of Photoshop. I don’t think it would be a great stretch to assume that these are the people involved in the next version of Adobe Photoshop, whether it will be named Photoshop CS5.5 or CS6, or some extended version of these names. PhotographyUncapped has written about several of these great Adobe Photoshop masters-of-the-realm in previous posts.

As always John Nack is directly on top of, or in the next office of, things Photoshop. Read the details in his blog for the Who’s Who of who is directing the future of Photoshop at Adobe.

Who’s driving the Photoshop ship?

And, don’t miss our ongoing series on Adobe Photoshop CS6, Creative Suite 6 and the extended future of Photoshop.

Enjoy, and ponder……

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3 thoughts on “John Nack Adobe Blog on the Future of Photoshop Team – CS6 or CS5.5

  1. When will cs6 be coming out as I was about to purchase cs5.5 but would prefer to wait for latest version?

    Regards mona

    1. Adobe doesn’t announce new products until they are ready.

      I always recommend that,
      if you need the software now, buy and use it.
      If you don’t need the current version right away, then maybe you should wait.

      There will always be new versions, no matter when you buy.

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