How To Be an Adobe Photoshop BETA Tester – for CS6 ?

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How Can I be a Beta Tester for Adobe Photoshop?

Do you want to become a BETA tester for Adobe Photoshop? How to be an Adobe Beta tester for Photoshop? I want to be a Photoshop Beta tester, please.

Adobe’s own Jeffrey Tranberry shows you the way…Jeffrey Tranberry, Chief Customer Advocate for Adobe, gave a few useful hints about what Adobe looks for in a potential Beta tester. Jeffrey Tranberry self described: “Product Manager, Chief Customer Advocate – Adobe Digital Imaging. 10 year veteran on the Adobe Photoshop Product Development Team. I am a huge nerd.”

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In a response to the question, “How do I become a Beta Tester for Adobe Software?” on the forum, he stated the following:

Jeffrey Tranberry (Chief Customer Advocate)

We generally look for customers who are active in the community and are passionate about our tools. If you’re highly active on this site, our user to user forums, and other product forums, that’s a good sign to us of your level of interest is high. There are several folks who participate on this as well as our prerelease.

Jeffrey Tranberry is often out in front helping customers to better understand Adobe in general, and Photoshop in particular. I have found his advice clear and helpful, whether reading his Adobe Digital Imaging Crawlspace, or in how-to articles like: How To Optimize Improve Tune Photoshop CS5 for Peak Performance.


Sounds like good advice!

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