HDR Time Lapse Video Tutorial with Digital SLR Still Camera

HDR Time Lapse Video Still using still DSLR digital camera images

Use your digital DSLR still camera to create High Dynamic Range (HDR) time-lapse videos.

Here is a good tutorial for creating such videos. Create HDR time-lapse video with a digital camera by Mike Curtis at MacWorld.

Fans of HDR will really appreciate the technique. (HDR is a method for getting around the limited exposure latitude, dynamic range, of contemporary DSLR’s.) Basically, space you shoot several shots, in immediate sequence, with wide ranging exposures, and then merge them in software (like Photoshop) to create the high dynamic range image. It allows, in one frame, a range of light stretching from the bright light of, say, a sunset, into the deep shadows cast by the setting sun.

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The effect can certainly be over done.  I am not as fond of what I often consider the overuse of HDR, but the techniques shown in this tutorial will likely be of benefit to people interested in time lapse video using digital still cameras, DSLR’s.

Some of the abrupt edits in the example video aren’t as well thought out as is the overall tutorial in general. I do think you’ll get some benefit out of reading through the page, however. It’s worth a look if you’re interested in time lapse shooting with a still camera, DSLR, especially if HDR is your thing.

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