GPU Acceleration for Adobe Photoshop CS5 Premiere After Effects

Adobe Gensis Project - Dennis Radeke - nVidia GPU Technology
Adobe Gensis Project - Dennis Radeke - nVidia GPU Technology

News is breaking about the GPU Video Acceleration Technologies that Adobe is developing, theoretically to be incorporated in Adobe CS5 Photoshop, Premiere and After Effects.

John Nack (Principal Product Manager, Adobe Photoshop) is reporting: “We’re working together with other Adobe teams, including the video & Flash teams, on core GPU & multicore acceleration technology.”

Adobe video specialist Dennis Radeke shares a sneak peak about The Genesis Project
(sounds so planet-seeding science-fictiony doesn’t it?)
Technology Sneak Peek: Adobe® Mercury Playback Engine (sic). “It’s 64-bit native code, greater memory addressing, fantastic CPU optimization and finally NVIDIA CUDA technology.”

Dave Helmly also has a post on the Adobe blog site featuring
“A discussion…on Digital Audio Video hardware solutions for Adobe’s video and audio applications.” Sneak Peek: Adobe Mercury Playback Engine

“What does it take to make it work?”

“Currently, all you need is a Windows or OSX system that supports any of these cards: Geforce GTX285, nVidia Quadro CX,FX4800, or FX5800. We plan to add support for newer nVidia cards as they get released. You can now design a system based on your editing needs – more CPU Cores or a more powerful GPU card like the FX5800.”

For those who can read through geek-text, there is some interesting info that arguably points the way the future is looking for upcoming Adobe apps such as CS5 and the CS5 Creative Suites.

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Technology Sneek Peek: Adobe® Mercury Playback Engine

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