Free Webinar – Photoshop CS6 New Features in the Beta

Photoshop CS6 New Features in the Beta Webinar
Photoshop CS6 New Features in the Beta Webinar

Adobe is offering a recording of a Free Pro Webinar on the New Features of the Photoshop CS6 Beta.

Senior Product Manager Zorana Gee is leading led this webinar to explore the latest greatest version of Photoshop, the free  CS6 beta. Download Photoshop CS6 Beta for Free

This event was recorded. The recording is offered as a free AdobeConnect session.

You may have to register with an Adobe ID to view the webinar.

Photoshop CS6 New Features in the Beta

Also, Adobe has offered an unusual free upgrade to CS6  for anyone who buys CS5.5 now:
Buy CS5.5 get CS6 free and complimentary

Enjoy, and learn.

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She will be covering covered new features, tips, tricks and many other details in this session.

It is being held on Friday, March 30, 2012, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM US/Pacific


Register for this free online event:

Ask a CS Pro: First Look at New Features of Photoshop CS6 Beta



Author: P U

2 thoughts on “Free Webinar – Photoshop CS6 New Features in the Beta

  1. OK so do all the folks who already have CS5.5 get CS6 free also? What a scam, very unfair, or are they just giving them the beta and then they have to buy the program? Thank you for your help.

    1. The Beta is free, and has a limited time.
      It lets people try before they buy, and is part of the marketing of the new version.
      As to owners of CS5.5 getting CS6, that depends on when they got CS5.5
      See: Upgrade Policy after product announcement

      I don’t see it as a scam if owners of a 2011 model year car have to pay for a 2012 if they want the newest car.

      Nobody has to upgrade. Nobody has to buy the newest camera, car, computer, software, fashions, etc.

      Francesca, CS5.5 is fine, no need to worry. Use it and enjoy it.

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