Free Photoshop CS6 Update 13.0.1 Now Available for Download

Photoshop CS6 13.0.1 Update Download
Photoshop CS6 13.0.1 Update Download


Adobe has just released it’s first update to Photoshop CS6.

Bug fixes, Stability and Security improvements.


You can get the update, and info, through the following links:

You can also launch the updater through your installation through Help>Updates. When the Adobe Application Manager launches, select Photoshop CS6 and update.

As with all updates, fixes, etc. create a system restore point and/or backup before installing, for added security and safety.

Good luck. AnnieAjar

Author: AnnieAjar

1 thought on “Free Photoshop CS6 Update 13.0.1 Now Available for Download

  1. Yes the first CS6 update is here
    So I did some testing of the bugs that made me decide to stop using CS6 and found 4 bugs were fixed 6 bugs were not fixed.

    un-checking the Photoshop preference “Open Document in Tabs” on PC broke many Actions and Scripts
    I do not like editing in tabs the number one reason I stopped using CS6 is unusable in Floating windows…hile_open_documents_as_tabs_are_not_selected
    Fixed in 8/30 update a Major improvement I may start using CS6

    recording selective color adjustment layers in Absolute mode in actions bug.…ction_with_selective_colors_adjustment_layer
    Fixed in 8/30 update
    record shape attributes in Actions bug…doesnt_get_recorded_when_recording_an_action
    Fixed in 8/30 update
    pen tool bug…hotoshop_cs6_keeps_reverting_to_exclude_mode
    Fixed in 8/30 update

    Not Fixed:
    Adjustment panel Fly-out menu option bugs. These can cause Some Actions and Scripts to fail.…topics/adjustment_panel_fly_out_menu_options
    Not Fixed in 8/30 update
    script bug caused by Bicubic Automatic Scripting needs to be updated to support CS6…ics/photoshop_cs6_32bit_and_64bit_script_bug
    Not Fixed in 8/30 update
    do not record adding adjustment layer apply to all layers in actions and edit all actions the have been recorded that way if you use newer then CS3…p_family/topics/photoshop_cs4_c5_and_cs6_bug
    Not Fixed in 8/30 update
    Save For Web in actions for jpeg images bug when you use a custom filename the extension will be incorrect…_recorded_action_exports_html_instead_of_jpg
    Not Fixed in 8/30 update
    Action player interactive dialog missing bug…dal_control_for_layer_renaming_photoshop_cs6
    Not Fixed in 8/30 update
    Scriplistener plug-in bug…photoshop_family/topics/cs6_conflict_problem
    Not Fixed in 8/30 update

    I can bypass these problem for myself but two of the bugs may cause many of my Action and Scripts I have made available to work incorrectly or fail for others. The failure occur because bugs in CS4 CS5 and CS6 that involve how some Photoshop options and Preference are set. They can not be set by action and scripts so there is no way to set the users options and preference the way the need to be set for proper Photoshop execution. I can code around some of the problems not all them. Coding around a bug is not the way bugs should be addressed for this do not fix the old Actions and Script code that expect Photoshop to work correctly.

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