Confessions of a Beta Tester for Adobe Photoshop I Was an Adobe Photoshop CS5 Beta Tester

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Beta - Joshua Tree After Image

Now it can be told. I was a beta tester for Adobe Photoshop CS5. In Adobe-speak, that is called a ‘Prerelease Team Member‘.

There is an expression in English, “the cat is out of the bag”, generally taken to mean that a big secret has been revealed. The no-longer secret is that Photoshop CS5 exists (not very surprising you say?) and that there have been people beta testing it (no surprise there either, I think).

The bigger surprise part of this is that people are being allowed to talk about CS5 prior to the
Official Announcement Event on April 12, and to post some before/after images.

Adobe CS5 Announcement April 12

The Best Prices on CS5 from the Adobe USA Store


Here is a low resolution gif I made to show what I was able to do with the soon to be revealed features of Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Adobe Photoshop CS 5 Beta Demo Showing Before + After Results of New Features + Tools

The above gif shows a (very) small example of the new technologies in certain areas. We beta testers are not allowed to reveal the specifics until the Official Announcement Event on April 12.
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The animation shows:

  • The original image as it comes from the RAW file
  • Removal of the wide-angle lens distortions
  • The addition of additional ‘desert’ and ‘sky’ to fill out a larger area.

The visible results are of a greatly expanded scene encompassing a somewhat fictional rendering of the great Mohave Desert at Joshua Tree. Consider it more of an ‘artist’s creation’ than an actual photo.
Hard to believe, or rather hard to disbelieve, isn’t it?

The Best Prices from the Adobe USA Store


These new technologies are at once exciting, amazing, astounding, shocking, daunting, and possibly even horrifying.

Let us know what you think in the Comment area below.


An additional note:
I just ran across one of those common postings on a big social networking site, suggesting that CS5 will be freely down-loadable as is CS4, wink wink.

I posted this response:
For those who steal software, consider what that might mean to the people who spend all their time trying to make the programs better, add more features, and rely on the sales to support their families.

You may pretend that a company that is large doesn’t need every sale, but may I point out that Adobe almost collapsed financially a few years ago, and that would have meant no more Photoshop for free or otherwise.

No new features such as the fabulous things that are soon to be announced.

I do beta testing for Adobe because I think their products are great, and useful to me, my students, and colleagues, and to the world as well. Everyone world-wide who has seen a printed image or web image in recent years has been affected by Photoshop.

I would really hate to see the dedicated engineers, and others involved, out of their jobs, or having to work for a less interested and responsive company.

Those people put a great deal of themselves into making Photoshop better out of dedication as well as the need to make a living.

Ok, heated rant over.

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Author: P U

4 thoughts on “Confessions of a Beta Tester for Adobe Photoshop I Was an Adobe Photoshop CS5 Beta Tester

  1. I’m sorry, I’ve just got to say this… is it possible that Adobe almost collapsed financially at least in part because they are the most amazingly incompetent company from a business point of view that has pretty much ever existed? Have you ever tried to buy something FROM Adobe? I tried to update my CS version to CS4 a few months back and after ordering on line, waiting for about a month, calling back, calling back again, calling “Customer Service” several times (and reaching people who don’t even SPEAK ENGLISH EVERY TIME), calling back, receiving an email saying I have to call them or they’re going to cancel my order, calling back AGIAN, … and AGAIN, … and AGAIN and still not reaching anybody who had the SLIGHTEST idea what was going on, I actually hand wrote an old fashion letter to their head quarters address. Only then, and only after another three weeks, did I receive the product. I have never tried to give some one or some thing my money so hard in my life. I understand these specific problems (including the worthless “customer service” has been going on forever. This is another company that simply will not fire the high level incompetent executives that can’t fix even these most basic problems. This company SHOULD go out of business – I’m sorry.

    1. Hi jrus5,

      I have heard a few ordering horror stories, too.

      What a pity.

      I still think that a weak customer service area could be dealt with, but not necessarily the loss of the whole company. Too many companies cut such departments at the risk of injuring customer relations. Alas.

      Did you ever get things sorted out to your satisfaction?

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