Will Adobe Have HTML 5 Features in Adobe Creative Suite CS5 from John Dowdell

Adobe's John Dowdell States That Adobe Creative Suite Will Have HTML5 Features (in CS5?)

John Dowdell, Adobe San Francisco, posted on his blog, Adobe authoring for “HTML5”, saying. “Future versions of Adobe Creative Suite? It’s a big software effort, often on a two-year cycle. I know they’re adding “HTML 5” features for the next big release, but we don’t yet even know the runtime engines which will render those new HTML tags — it’s hard to get extensive.”

“The best resource is likely… Creative Suite 4! Every tool already produces HTML’s various files. Even has VIDEO support, at least of the H.264 persuasion. You know down deep that Adobe tooling is already a key component in HTML workflows, and there’s no reason by this point for that to change. Your challenge is more to clearly identify what specific changes you need in your own overall work… that’s easier for us to target than just a broad “create the tools with which rich HTML 5 content is created”.”

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Can you guess?
Can you guess?

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