Adobe VP Michael Gough Talks of Future Adobe Creative Technology – CS6 ?

Michael Gough from video Talk Publishing Future with Tim O’Reilly - Adobe

In what might be a news hint about one possible new future feature of Adobe Photoshop CS6, Michael Gough, VP of Experience Design at Adobe, is being widely quoted around the Internet, referring to potential new Adobe technology research.

Some of the quotes seem to infer that Adobe is doing research into the use of input stylus usage on pad technologies.

I have not been able to track down the original source of the below quotes. Here are a few other sources about Michael Gough, however.  Michael Gough info at Adobe. The above image still is from another video, Tim O’Reilly & Michael Gough Talk Publishing Future

“The personal computer was actually impersonal. The tablet is personal. It’s connected to you. Every time I have to use my laptop I feel it is a compromise.”   “I would say that it is obvious that there are going to be an explosion of devices in the coming year. Adobe will follow that, I think, just as much as they lead it. It all depends when the devices are in people’s hands.” these quotes from Slashgear. (the bold’ing above is mine)

“One of things that I feel like we did over the past 20 years is convince a whole generation of people they couldn’t draw.”    “What I think is going to happen with these more natural interfaces is we are going to have this explosion of creativity. It could be quite an exciting time.” these quotes from mobilized.

Several online sources are saying that Adobe is pointing to CS6 features being worked on now. I think that’s a bit of a stretch. In the past, Adobe has let out small hints of future features, often long before the new version becomes available or even announced. Nothing I’ve read of this so far is strong enough to indicate,to me at least, that this is definitely in line for CS6. That said, it is easy to imagine that widespread adoption of new devices will lead, and be led, by new Adobe technologies. Whether this will be included in Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Creative Suite 6 or not is mere conjecture at best, and a bit of a weak rumor at least, in this writer’s opinion.  ( for now, anyway ;>)

Author: P U