Adobe Photoshop CS5 Save For Web Dialog Changes Feedback Wanted

Adobe Photoshop Save For Web Dialog Screenshot from John Nack's blog

Your feedback is being sought on potential changes to the Adobe Photoshop CS5 (and CS6, CS7, etc.) Save for Web dialog.

John Nack, Principal Product Manager, Adobe Photoshop says:
Moving Photoshop from Apple’s Carbon to Cocoa technologies is an enormously long endeavor with many subtleties…we’re thinking of dropping the Save for Web sub-dialog that lets one choose which files on disk to replace.”

This only affects one of the save dialog boxes, not the whole of Save for Web (SFW) and though not stated in his blog piece,”Feedback, please: The “Replace Files” dialog in Save for Web” it would likely affect Windows users as well as the stated Mac Cocoa users.

John goes on to state “If you chose to export a sliced PSD, selected “Images And HTML,” and replaced the HTML file Photoshop generates, all the images would be automatically replaced.”

If you care about this change, go now to the same blog page and express yourself, or give it up.

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Author: P U

3 thoughts on “Adobe Photoshop CS5 Save For Web Dialog Changes Feedback Wanted

  1. Hmm thinking that this is ok as I overwrite all each time I re-save, but what brought me here is the search for psd sliced template for the web to html5 instead of xhtml. Changing the !doctype just messed up a existing template, but can’t see a option to slice and save in html5 in ps cs5.

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