4 thoughts on “Adobe Creative Suite CS 5.5 Tutorials Links Videos Info

  1. If Adobe expects me to buy a PC in order to run their new CS 5.5 or CS 6 they have rocks in their heads. I was not going to buy it anyway. Now there is no chance!

    Actually the same goes for Lion. Every time you install new OS software it screws up half of you plug ins & creates additional headaches & expense.

    Such a scam these people have going.

    1. George,

      If you are getting the kind of results you want right now then there’s certainly no need to upgrade anything.

      Just because a manufacturer releases a new version doesn’t mean that anybody needs it, or must upgrade to it.

      But, as new technology becomes available, Adobe and other companies must take advantage of the benefits, and sometimes that means moving on.

      I agree about the annoying plug-in incompatibility issues. I have a much older machine around that is still able to run some of my older plug-ins. Right now my only option is moving files back and forth if I want to use one of those plug-ins.

      I still wouldn’t want to give up the new features just to have those legacy plug-ins more handy, however.

      Some of the new features are pretty swell.

      Thanks for your comments.

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