ACR6 Camera RAW 6.1 Update is Available for Download – Photoshop CS5 Adobe Camera RAW 6

Adobe Camera RAW 6.1 Update

Adobe Labs has released the latest version of ACR6, Adobe Camera RAW 6.1, for Photoshop CS5.

There are updates for more cameras, the latest quality improvements, and most importantly to many of us, new Lens Correction updates.

One of my favorite new features of Photoshop CS5 is Lens Correction which is now updated in this latest ACR6 plugin release.
See a short video on Adobe Camera RAW ACR6 Lens Correction

ACR has improved image processing, better noise characteristics, and Lens Correction built in. It is much improved in my estimation.

Release Notes

  • Newly supported camera models include:
    • Canon EOS 550D (Digital Rebel T2i/ EOS Kiss X4 Digital)
    • Kodak Z981
    • Leaf Aptus-II 8
    • Leaf Aptus-II 10R
    • Mamiya DM40
    • Olympus E-PL1
    • Olympus E-600
    • Panasonic G2
    • Panasonic G10
    • Sony A450
  • Camera Raw 6.1 includes new lens correction functionality that can apply profile-based corrections to accommodate geometric distortions, chromatic aberration and lens vignette effects. Manual corrections for geometric distortion as well as vertical and horizontal perspective transforms are also available. A handful of lens profiles are included for automatic correction and more can be created by the community with the Adobe Lens Profile Creator.
  • This release addresses a bug on the Mac platform that could cause Photoshop CS5 to quit unexpectedly when opening a file in the Camera Raw 6.0 plug-in.
  • This release contains performance enhancements designed to improve the responsiveness of the controls and the scrolling mechanism relative to Camera Raw 6.0.

Download ACR 6.1 here.

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