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My Surrealist Self Portrait in San Francisco 12-09

PhotographyUncapped.com is mostly my work. I’m Ken Storch, artist, educator, photography, and writer.

Having spent the bulk of my adult life working in studios, dark rooms, and darkrooms on otherwise beautiful days, I am now bringing my experience in, and enthusiasm for, all things photographic, to a wider audience through PhotographyUncapped.

In addition to teaching classes in digital photography, digital imaging, Adobe Photoshop, traditional silver film-based photography, traditional wet darkroom at the college level, I also write for magazines in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. and I have do beta team testing for several major software and hardware companies.

Got something of interest for the site or for me? Submit it. I’ll consider opportunities to lead workshops,  teach seminars, and lecture on photography,  digital imaging, Photoshop and a variety of photographic topics.


As a self-motivated, self-learner I can bring an insightful intelligence to new areas. My ability to assimilate disparate information, envision new connections, and create possibilities is open ended.

I have specific imaging and design artistry, broadly applicable teaching facility, and a flair for penetrating, intuitive perception whether I am familiar with a topic or new to it.

I am actively seeking circumstance/s where I can apply my experience and capabilities for the common good in socially oriented projects.


Thanks for your interest,

Ken Storch

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